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If you have access to a set of iPods or iPads, commenting on a VoiceThread in the classroom can be very quick and efficient.
  1. Get the free VoiceThread App.from the iTunes store.
  2. Sign up for one VoiceThread account for with each device. Use the email account associated with the device and a password that you can remember. Keep the username and password consistent. Keep track of it in a Google Doc Spreadsheet.
  3. When you create a VoiceThread, share it with each of the iPod accounts.
  4. When students are in the classroom, they can pick up a device, find your VoiceThread and quickly comment on it.

The One Computer Classroom

  1. Teachers can sign up for a free educator account.
  2. Each student's avatar can be uploaded to VoiceThread as an identity.
  3. Students can use the teacher's machine, choose their identity and comment with their own avatar.

The 24/7 Classroom

With the help of parents, students under 13 can comment on a VoiceThread at home. Encourage parents to sign up for an account by designing a VoiceThread activity that requests comments from parents so they can learn more and get excited about their children using the tool for learning.